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Beverly hills.

Wedding Venue

From the opera balconies and chandeliers of our grand Ballroom to our Mediterranean-inspired Garden Terrace framed by palm trees, our beautiful spaces are fit for celebrations and gatherings of every size and scale-- it all depends on how decadent, or discreet, you wish to go. Highly collectible artworks, sumptuous marble bathrooms and luxurious takes on mid-century classic furniture provide the most luxurious finishing touches on all onsite rooms and event spaces. 

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Introduction to Wedding Package We currently do not offer a one-stop service at this venue. 


Our team members include:

  • 1 wedding planner

  • 1 wedding supervisor ( Available in Full Planning Package)

  • 1 Bridal Assistant

  • 3 Floral designers

Other Vendors:

  • Wedding DJ & MC

  • Makeup artist

  • Photographers

  • Videographers

  • Rental

  • Valet Parking

  • Photobooth


For specific details about the services provided in the package, please make an appointment with our wedding planner for further consultation.

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